2nd Battalion 3rd Marines Vietnam Veterans Association

Books about the Vietnam War
The Pentagon Papers Department of Defense
The Tet Offensive: a brief history with documents William Allison
The Best and the Brightest David Halberstam
The Tet Offensive Marc Gilbert and William Head
Dereliction of Duty H.R. McMaster
Fire in the Streets Eric Hammel
Khe Sanh: siege in the clouds, an oral history Eric Hammel
Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife John Nagl
Valley of Decision Ray Stubbe and John Prados
The Village Bing West 
The Tet Offensive: politics, war, and public opinion David Schmitz
Lessons in Disaster Gordon Goldstein
The Tet Offensive: a concise history James Willbanks
The Better War Lewis Sorely
Marine Sniper 93 confirmed kills Charles Henderson
The Magnificent Bastards Keith Nolan
Matterhorn Karl Marlantes
What it is Like to go to War Karl Marlantes
We Were Soldiers Once... and Young Harold Moore and Joseph Galloway